Traits Men Desire In Women For A Lasting Relationship

Every woman under the sun knows that her physical appearance can be the biggest difference between catching a man’s attention or having him just pass by. But even the vainest of men know that beauty is only skin deep and that a healthy long-lasting relationship requires a set of attractive traits that indicate a woman’s commitment to her partner as well as herself. So, what is it what men want in a woman?

When men seek women for a long-term relationship they tend to look for certain character qualities in their potential companion. Those traits men desire in women are: a sense of adventure, health orientated, responsible attitude and a sense of humor. Although most men simply find girlfriends by being set up by friends or family members. The question just how long they will continue the relationship will be determined upon the qualities expressed by her during the relationship.

Any man who seeks a long-term relationship will consider such qualities and the majority of women desire such a relationship. Therefore women seek to know how a man will respond to her and whether or not he will commit to develop a lasting relationship and even marry her? These are two most important questions one should carry, answer and apply to each male that makes himself available.

What are the 4 qualities required for a healthy relationship

4 Qualities Men Find Attractive In Women

Be Adventurous

Most guys looking for love agree that a woman who has a sense of adventure is a woman that they’d be willing to go on an adventure with. One trait that is nearly universal amongst men is the desire to seek out the great out-doors, whether it’s in the form of hiking a mountain or joining the military or buying a sports car.

If a woman can show an interest in getting herself out of her comfort zone, experiencing new places and new people, and pushing herself physically, it’s a good bet that there will be no shortage of guys looking to do everything from vacation to go white-water rafting with that advent.

A common complain of a man in a relationship is the lack of excitement, that their girlfriend or wife would rather spend time watching Netflix or browsing social media than experience some of the great risks and rewards of life. If you’re more of an introvert and the idea of adventure seems a bit overwhelming, start small. Take a class in scuba diving, for instance, and you open up a whole new world to explore and share with potential boyfriends and husbands.

A sense of adventure is a good trait for women to have. But this doesn’t mean that men wouldn’t just want to stay home and watch a movie or spend some time alone with his significant other. So, take an attitude of adventure and some common sense in your relationship.

A Healthy You Is Contiguous

In a day and age where any given woman is more likely to be a little overweight rather than being the so called perfect weight, a commitment to healthy living can impress a man who is used to dating couch potatoes or not so healthy women.

That’s not to say that women should start planning themselves to look like models on the covers of magazines, but the point is a woman who shows that she cares about her health and nutrition sends a positive message to guys that she’s a keeper.

Not only is a fit woman capable of commitment to goals and progress, but she’s physically healthy and likely to be sexually engaged. Regular exercise helps to boost a number of other mental traits that men prefer, such as stress management and decision-making skills.

Most importantly, however, women who approach healthy diet and exercise not as a means to finding a man but as a means of improving themselves will have a better outlook on life and be better prepared for whatever obstacles lie in their path.

A Lasting Relationship Is A Responsible Relationship

An old joke says that women who own cats are always single and women who own dogs always have a boyfriend. It’s not true, of course — think of how many single people you know with a dog and how many married people you know with a cat — but it does touch upon a trait that many men find attractive: responsibility.

Nearly every man has a story of dating an irresponsible woman who could not handle her relationships, her time, her money, or her temper. A woman who has any pet, whether dog or cat or gerbil, has a degree of responsibility for someone other than herself. The greater the responsibility of a woman who owns a pet (such as walking, training, and grooming a dog), the more a man knows that this woman can be counted on to take care of herself and others.

What’s more, women with dogs get out into the open world more often and have more opportunities to socialize with available guys, at the dog park or the pet store, and are more likely to be physically in good shape from daily exercise with their pooch.

This doesn’t mean that every woman should rush out and get a dog, especially those who cannot commit to such a large obligation, but it does mean that women with pets represent attractive prospects to marry due to their demonstration of responsibility.

Humor: Who Doesn’t Like A Smile?

Psychologists often ask why women are, on the whole, less likely to make people laugh than guys, and usually conclude that it’s because women rarely need to be funny. Think of your favorite stand-up comedian, and it’s likely a man; same goes for favorite actors on sitcoms.

There are obviously millions of funny women out there, and those who have the comedy traits are those who are more likely to nab a boyfriend who is a hot commodity. Laughing is always a turn on sexually; those who laugh in the sack are more likely to reach orgasm than those who grunt there way to the finish line.

In an age when the longest marriages and those with the most sexual compatibility, the man you marry needs to be one you are sexually open and adventurous with. If you can make him laugh, you may just be able to make him yours for life and that’s what most women want. Therefore, continue to build yourself to be the best you can be and the right man is sure to come your way.

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