How To Turn A Guy On Physically: Best Ways On Seducing A Man

What if you knew the secret to keeping your man yearning for your body every time he lays his eyes on you? Well, this may sound like wishful thinking to most women but the truth is, it is very much possible to turn on your guy any time he sees you if you know how to play your cards right. Below are 5 ways to turn your guy on:

5 Ways To Turn A Guy On Physically

  • Seduce Him With How You Dress
  • Arouse Him By Flirting With Him
  • Prepare Him By Talking About Sex
  • Use Your Body Language To Welcome Him In

Dress Sexy

Dressing in a sexy manner doesn’t mean walking in front of your man naked. It means dressing in a way that will make your guy attracted to you in a sexual way. There is nothing wrong with wearing a mini skirt that reveals your sexy legs with the sole intent being turning him on. Men are physical creatures and are turned on by what they see, and it goes without saying that showing some flesh is one of the easiest ways to turn a guy on. Dress in tight clothes that expose your curves and don’t forget to take sexiness to the bed by wearing sexy lingerie.

Flirt With Your Guy

Who doesn’t like being teased in a sexy manner? In case you didn’t know men love being teased, more so by the women they love. Teasing in this context can mean anything from sending him sexy text messages to playing sex games with him in bed. Flirting is a big part of teasing your guy and one of the best ways of getting him to the zone. To bring him to where you want him to be, flirting has to be a sequence of events. It could be a simple flirtatious look or a pat on his ass to complimenting his bulky muscles. The more you flirt with your lover, the easier it is to turn his sexual drive on.

Talk About Sex

Sometimes the best way, to turn on a guy with you, is to talk about sex. Men love sex talk. As a matter of fact, statistics shows that a significant percentage of men hardly go a day without talking about sex. How then would you fail to turn on a guy if brought up a topic that he loves? Depending on your confidence you can speak to him about anything that concerns sex. Talk about the way you two have fun and probably sight a few sexual encounters that both of you relish. Again, don’t fail to flirt with him while having an intimate conversation.

Use Your Body Language

Body language is one of the most powerful tools you would ever use to turn a man on. Men are exquisite at picking body signs that say you want to have sex with them. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be something out of this world. Licking and biting your lips could be enough to turn on your lover. The most important thing, to remember, is to capitalize on the body language once you notice he is picking up the signs. Once he is in the zone don’t be surprised if he walks up to you and asks for sex.

How To Turn Him On Without Being Obvious

Learn how to seduce a man, and you will turn on any man you like. It is the little sexy things that you do which have the biggest impact in turning on your guy. Touch him in a suggestive manner, rub your body against his, whisper in his ear, feel him between the legs with his trousers on and run your fingers from his neck down to his genitals as way of arousing his sexual desire.

Get close to him physically, give him a tight embrace and don’t forget to kiss him while you are at it. Hone your seduction skills and you will turn him on almost at will without him knowing that you are seducing him.

Women, who know how to use their bodies to attract their men’s sexual senses, will tell you that turning on a guy is pretty easy. As stated earlier on, all you have to do is know what cards to play and every piece will fall to where it belongs. Once you have the basics right, it’s a rollercoaster ride all the way.

The art of seduction takes many forms, and silent seduction is one of the most powerful. Men are excellent at picking seduction signs and are quick to respond if they read the signs right. However, did you know that you can use secret seduction to make him anticipate for sex?

6 Ways To Use Silent Seduction On a Man

  1. Communicate Using Your Eyes: Eyes area an incredibly powerful seduction tool and you can use them to create interest. If you want to increase your man’s heartbeat and ultimately awaken his Inner Animal, try the following sequence of events. Gaze into his eyes directly to get his attention, do a face scan and dart glances. Give him a second look, turn your eyes and look at him again this time with a smile. That is enough to make him release the hormones of lust and love.
  2. Raise Your Eyebrows Whenever he Smiles: Wink at your guy and nod whenever he puts a smile on his face. Do it in a casual manner and don’t let him notice any change in your expression. Winking and nodding will certainly get your guy thinking about what you might be up to. Given that men are sexual animals, the obvious thing, which will come into his mind, is how he can have sex with you. In other words, he will start fantasizing what it would be like if you are with him between the sheets. That’s creating arousal and anticipation, isn’t it?
  3. Close Your Eyes and Bite Your Lips: You have seen it before in movies; lady trying to seduce a man by biting the lips and closing the eyes. You may not know, but this is a perfect stunt to pull if you want to discover his Secret Desires. In fact, this form of seduction has been sighted as one of the most powerful tactics when you wish to drag a guy you don’t know into sex. Try pulling it in a club on a sexy man or at home when he is sitting on the opposite couch, and you will see what I mean.
  4. Push Your Tongue Against the Skin Beneath Your Teeth: This is yet another move to unravel his Erotic Secrets and make him yearn for your body with passion. With your mouth slightly opened, push the tongue against the lower or upper teeth while looking at him suggestively. Be sure to close your eyes a little bit while you are at it. Bite your finger as well to leave no doubt in his mind about what your intentions might be. Not only do you look flattered but this seduction trick gives an impression that you are a good kisser which is what most guys want.
  5. Involve Your Hair: Run your fingers gently through your hair and stop at the nape of your neck. Once the fingers are at your neck, trail them to and fro across your collarbone or only move your necklace’s pendant back and forth. You can even take it a notch higher by caressing your collarbone. This is a sure way of making your guy Sexually Obsessed with you and don’t be surprised if the guy’s interest in you increases all of a sudden. Watch out for responses such as parting of his lips with his fingers as you pool the move.
  6. Body to Body: Perhaps one the best ways of seducing your man silently is letting him feel your body physically. Walk up to him and give him a tight hug that’s way different from what would be termed as a typical hug. Let him feel your hot breath on his neck and whisper something naughty in his ear, and because Men Love Dirty Talk, his sexual thoughts will be set rolling.

Seducing a man silently takes confidence and timing. If you don’t believe in your sexual prowess, it might be hard attracting any man successfully without uttering a word. In addition, you need to read his moods and be sure that he will react in the manner you expect him to.

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