Getting the Right Man Begins At Dating

dating the right man

Finding the right man for marriage or a long-term relationship takes a lot of effort both mental and physical. But deciding or choosing whether he is the right man for you should be based on honest judgments therefore gaining sound relationship advice should be a top priority when you are looking for a mate.

Dating is the perfect opportunity to learn more about a new person, and you should make an effort to learn or discover if both of you are compatible for the relationship to continue long-term. Do not make the mistake of thinking it is all about fun or sex. Instead, you want to know if he likes you, and if you are compatible, knowing this is the first step in having a happy and healthy relationship.

How Honest Should You Be When Dating?

When you are dating someone, honesty is a key factor. Some people make the mistake of believing honesty means revealing everything about themselves, and expecting the other person to do the same. Your first dates with a man is not the time to tell him your life history rather it is the time to learn more who you are truly dating.

But, dating is the time to answer the questions that will determine if you will allow the relationship to develop into a special relationship worth your time and effort. Below are 4 considerations or factors in finding out if he is the right man for you:

  • First, you and the man you are considering must have compatible goals for the relationship. If marriage is what you truly want, you need to be honest about it. This does not mean you should expect to become engaged on your first date, but it does mean you both want to get married.
  • Second, you must be honest regarding what a relationship means to you. Some men have an entirely different perspective on what a relationship means. You should talk about your lifestyles, your interests, and your goals for the future. These are some of the topics on which partners must be compatible.
  • Third, couples should have compatibility when it comes to resolving problems. As no relationship is without problems, this is something you need to know in advance. When you are talking about this subject, take note of the way the men communicate with you. Ask yourself if he respects your viewpoints, and listens to what you are saying.
  • Fourth, notice how he expresses interest in you. This can show whether you have compatible personalities. Some men are naturally romantic, while others are more reserved. If you do not want a future filled with problems, similar personalities and similar communication styles are important.

If you want a relationship based on honesty, there are some approaches to avoid. One is the mistake of pretending differences do not exist. While no two people are entirely alike, differences should be taken into consideration from the start.

Using Good Judgment Is Important In Long-Term Relationships

When differences can be resolved, the time to do it is before you marry. This is why communication is so important to a happy marriage. Rather than pretending you enjoy his favorite hobby, or like a member of his family, bring these issues out into the open. You will see if the differences can be resolved.

What Do You Know About The Male Perspective?

While you may have heard the male perspective is entirely different from a woman’s, it is not as different as you may believe. For a male or female, a relationship based on love and trust is a priority. Love is clear when there is mutual respect, and love is evident when there is trust. When you can freely share what you think, feel, and want, and the new man in your life can do the same, you are setting the foundation for a solid marriage.

Why You Should Not Ask Your Friends For Advice

Your friends may seem like the ideal source for advice about relationships, but this is often not the case. Advice from your friends is likely to come from their own experiences. Your friends’ experiences do not necessarily reflect the relationship you have with this man. In addition, it can become complicated if they meet him and do not like him. A friend can advise you to break up with a man who is the perfect match for you.

Good Judgment Includes Your Heart

These tips can lead you in a sensible direction with a new man. However, there is more to a good relationship than being sensible. Your feelings matter, too.

If you know he is interested, and you know you are compatible, do not forget to ask yourself how he makes you feel. The initial excitement of a new relationship will eventually wear off, but happiness can be permanent.

Ask yourself if you feel contented, happy, and confident. A sense of contentment is a good sign that you are with the right person. When you generally feel at ease, and know he feels the same way, he is someone you can be happy with on a long-term basis.

You may have heard the saying that people should think with their hearts rather than their heads. While good judgment requires you to be sensible and logical, you cannot afford to dismiss your heart. If he is someone worth loving, and committing your future to, your heart and mind both play important roles. A wonderful marriage can be in your future.

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